Contact Lenses

A Comprehensive Guide to Contact Lens Care

Despite advances in spectacle lens technology and surgical therapies like laser refractive surgery, contact lenses still have many advantages and are a highly efficient way to correct vision. Thanks to innovations in manufacturing, contact lenses are now more affordable than ever. As a result, 3.7 million Britons between 15 to 60 years old are contact lens wearers.

Contact lenses can be liberating, especially if your eyes need higher-grade lenses that can be bulky and cumbersome to use. Additionally, they can effectively address almost any eyesight issue.

However, once you start wearing contact lenses, you also need to provide added care and attention to your eyes and the lenses themselves to ensure they stay healthy, safe, and comfortable. Regular eye check-ups are also recommended for contact lens users, and it is advisable to always abide by your eye care professional’s directions.

Make sure to take these precautions to keep your eyes protected and your contact lenses at prime state. Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Consult an Ophthalmologist

Keep in mind that contact lens prescriptions usually expire after one year. It’s also possible that your prescription will alter from year to year. Therefore, consulting your eye doctor at least once a year is strongly advised. Optometrists renew prescriptions, but they also check for infection and ensure your eyes are healthy at your yearly eye exam.

2. Protect Your Eyesight

A staggering 40 per cent to 90 per cent of people who wear contact lenses don’t follow the care guidelines that come with them. It’s possible to get an eye infection or even lose your vision if you don’t wear and clean your contacts properly. When you take proper care of your contact lenses, you’re protecting your vision.

3. Follow All Safety Instructions

Only use doctor-prescribed contact lenses made especially for you by your ophthalmologist. Wearing your contacts as prescribed is the first step in proper contact lens maintenance.

Don’t try to make them last any longer than they are intended to by following the recommended replacement schedule. Cases should be replaced every three months at the very least.

4. Develop a Consistent Cleaning Procedure

Remember to wash and sanitise your hands before handling your contacts to avoid germs and bacteria getting into your eyes. Rinse the contacts in the solution for the period stated on the bottle. On contact-wearing days, use a new solution.

No solution from the previous day should be reused. Contact lenses can get contaminated if this solution is not used properly.

5. Do Not Leave Them on Overnight

Never sleep with your contact lenses on because doing so prevents oxygen from reaching your cornea. Wearing contact lenses depletes your eyes’ oxygen supply as they operate with closed lids all night. This makes the eye surface more susceptible to microorganisms and can cause infection.

6. Never Wear Contacts in Water

To safeguard your eyes from harmful bacteria, remove your contact lenses before swimming in pools, lakes, rivers, and seawater. There are prescription goggles that you can use instead of your contacts. And most importantly, don’t forget to take your contacts off before taking a shower or bath.

7. Don’t Disregard the Pain

If you feel any discomfort or irritation while using your contact lenses, take them out immediately.  Consult your ophthalmologist if your contact lenses so they can help you solve the problem.


Good contact lens maintenance is equivalent to proper eye care. Every day, millions of people put their trust in contact lenses to keep their eyes safe. They do, however, pose an infection risk if not handled or cleaned correctly. Because your eyes are the window through which you see and experience the world, they must be safeguarded at all costs.

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