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How to Reduce the Effects of Prolonged Screen Time

Whether it’s in front of the office computer or in bed scrolling through social media sites, people spend a significant amount of time staring at a screen. And prolonged screen time can often lead to headaches and eye strain. Some studies even show that screen time before bed can often lead to sleep problems. But how can you minimise the harmful effects of prolonged screen time?

Adjust the Brightness

Many people have their screens set at the maximum brightness. And while screens look very vibrant in this setting, it’s actually quite harmful to the eyes. A person’s eyes naturally adjust to the surrounding light, so when the screen is set too bright, the eyes must work harder and become more strained.

To alleviate this issue, look for a setting that is more comfortable for your eyes. If it’s before bed, avoid the brighter settings.

Take Breaks

Although it’s comforting to fall asleep to your favourite television show, it can be very damaging to your eyes. So, if you’re going to be watching any screen at night, try taking regular breaks.

For every 30 minutes or so of screen time, give your eyes a break. Look away from the screen, and maybe get up to get a glass of water. This will help reduce eye strain and relax your eyes.

Reduce Glare

Glare has a way of getting in the way of reading, messaging and scrolling. The brightness of the screen can actually cause a problem for your eyes. Glare can cause eye strain, headaches, and even problems with your vision.

When looking at your screen, make sure that the screen is well-lit and there are no bright lights in the surrounding area. Also, consider changing the screen setting.

You can also reduce glare by using anti-glare screens or anti-glare filters. If you’re using your laptop, consider using a laptop screen protector.

If you’re using a desktop computer, you can use a similar filter or even a bubble.

These will help to reduce glare and make the screen more comfortable for your eyes.

Adjust the Distance

Proper lighting and glare reduction are critical to ensuring that your eyes are comfortable when they’re looking at your screen. But there is more you can do to ensure your eyes have a healthy relationship with your screen.

First, make sure that you are keeping your screen at the right distance. When you’re too close to your screen, you have no peripheral vision and your eyes are forced to focus on that one spot. When you’re too far away, the text will appear very small.

The right distance is when you can fit both the text and the surrounding area into your line of sight at once. You should also be sitting or standing in a way that takes the pressure off your eyes and face.

Final Thoughts

Prolonged screen time can be harmful to your eyes. While you may use your phone or your computer, you should always make sure that your eyes remain comfortable. Consider adjusting the distance and brightness, reducing glare, and taking regular breaks.

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